Greens Report October 2021

With winter just around the corner, we have now completed the spraying of a fungicide due to having the perfect conditions for disease to grow. The greens will soon have a granular feed and we plan to apply another liquid fertiliser and fungicide in November.

We have been working hard on aerating the greens and they have now been solid tinned with 10mm tines at a depth of 8”. This will help relieve compaction, improve grass growth, drainage and overall give us healthier surfaces. We expect to be hand mowing the greens within the next two weeks as finally the ground temperatures and growth are beginning to reduce, this will also help to prevent compaction.

The red/yellow tee on the 4th has now been leveled with the sleeper wall extended around the front and part of the side. Our plan is to now cut back the overgrown and woody gorse on the 4th. This work may look extreme as the height will be reduced to approximately two feet from the ground, but this will help promote fresh growth over the coming years. An example of good regrowth would be the bank on the left-hand side of the 13th green and left-hand side of the 18th tee.

Following on from these works we will be installing several isolation valves on our irrigation system to ensure that if leaks do occur, these can be isolated. We will also be removing as many dead trees as possible throughout the winter period along with other weather-dependent refurbishment works which we will keep you updated on as we go.

You will start to notice roped-off areas that are looking worn throughout the course and could I kindly ask all those members with buggies and trolleys to not cross the white disks surrounding the greens.

Finally, we are now in pitch mark season. A correctly repaired pitch mark will recover in 24 hours. An unrepaired pitch mark left unattended for two hours will take up to two months to recover. If you could please remember to repair your pitch marks and any others that you see, that would be much appreciated!

A demonstration on how to correctly repair a pitch mark is available below:-

Thank you,
Vince & the team.