New Tree Plantation

We now have identified through the course thanks to Steve Omlo and Sarah Daniel from Pengelly Nursery who will oversee with their professional knowledge where trees are to be planted to bring some colour to the course.

We are very fortunate that Steve can understand where plants will be viable to flourish with golfers in mind.

All the plants will be sourced from Pengelly Nursery and thanks to Sarah we will be able to offer members the opportunity to sponsor trees at a favourable rate.

Some examples on the 1st

To plant some trees with colour on the right hand side of the plantation between the 1st and 18th fairway. To fill the bank at the back of the 1st with Hydrangea.

I am pleased that people have put their names up for a working party to help out and this will be our first project to clear the ground and help the trees and shrubs in their early years.

We will also be planting shrubs and heathers that can be sponsored by members.

People who sponsor trees, shrubs, large or small plantations will have their names listed on a display map of the golf course that will be shown in the club and on the website.

The weather has been against us to date and Andy Allum and his machines have been unable to get on the course. With luck on our side, we are looking to begin the first planation’s before the end of March weather permitting.

So please enter your names and contact number on the list on the board by the front door and we will then contact you to pick your plant and position.

An example of the cost will range from £25 for shrubs or heather planation’s, £50 for Trees and we will be looking for a sponsor for the trees between the 5th & 6th fairway.

It will be lovely to see some colour around the course and I thank all those members and volunteers of the club.

Glyn Rowett

Greens chairman

See Trees below: –

Tree Picture List