Golf Yoga Friday January 31 st at 11.30am

Come and join us for ‘Golf Yoga with Ashley’, introductory price of £10 per person for the first session including a Yogic lunch, Friday January 31 st at 11.30am in the Trophy Room.

Golf Yoga connects the mind and body to create a powerful training regimen geared to produce immediate results, including greater flexibility and strength for distance and accuracy off the tee, enhanced breathing awareness for better swing tempo, and improved overall fitness.

We will use Yoga postures specifically selected for a golfers needs; proper breathing techniques; mind-relaxation
methods; injury-reducing stretches; visualisation tools – for success on and off the course; step-by-step yoga sequences for every body part, from shoulders to hamstrings.

Put your name on the list in the clubhouse if you would like to give it a go!