Our Current Club Secretary is Lorraine Binney who started with us during 2016.

See a background summary and introduction from Lorraine below:

My name is Lorraine Binney. I am pleased to say I’m part of an amazing golf club…Yours.

A little history about myself. When I left school I went and did business studies at St Austell college. I had a couple of small jobs over that time but started my main journey when I joined Tesco in 1998 I started off as a 10hr temporary pizza girl.

I worked my way up from this to become the catering manager in St Austell but moving to the bigger Truro branch soon after. There I progressed over time to the Internet home shopping manager launching what was the beginnings of this in the area. I became a experience duty manager over time where I had many customer service experience which developed me.

In 2004 I joined Morrisons whilst the Safeway sign was still above the door. I worked on converting the Bodmin store into Morrisons and became an Assistant Deputy store manager for the store on a fast track programme. I then moved to a bigger store again at Liskeard Morrisons.

Over my time in retail I became well versed in employment law, trading standards law, and I became a personal liquor license. I was the senior for fresh foods to cover produce, meat and fish counters, deli, pizzas, pie shop, and the hot chicken counter. The cake shop and bakery, oh and the cafe! Just a little task. I then moved on after some years to run the customer service desk, checkouts, car park, kiosks, admin, cash office and petrol station. This was a very customer critical area which I loved. Through restructuring , roles where divided slightly differently. This is when I became the legal compliance senior manager due to my eye for detail, policy and legislative requirements. This covered all aspects of legalities. Pricing being the biggest by far with tens of thousands of products on sale. This was a much less customers facing role compared to my past which I didn’t enjoy quite as much.

Now being with the golf club since September I feel privileged to be part of such a long history the club holds. As you will have seen I have been in the office beavering away over my initial time so I wanted to give you an update on where we are.

Lots of contracts were reviewed within the first two weeks saving us spending more than we needed too. In the first 3 days £700 was saved and now it’s in the thousands until we get to the end of the year.

After doing a review of the business the steps forward could start. Members – as a committee we put together a fantastic deal to entice people back. We have had 16 new members so far, 14 as full members.

We’ve set up a get into golf course for beginners which starts in January. I will be joining this with Ann Rowett so watch this space.  If you know anyone who would like to take this up you can get more details from our Professional in the shop. Ann and I hope to jump onto this so we can get out with you all at some points. I can play and have the gear but not quite ready for you all to see me in action just yet! We will be doing an open day in late March in line with membership renewal on the 1st of April.

I have learnt so much over the last 10 weeks and must thank you all for your support and the amazing welcome I received.

We now have 3 weddings booked in for next year and many activities for a great year ahead. I will be very conscious to keep a balance between societies and maintaining playing times to our members as a priority.

We have some events on over the month of December. It would be great to see you all as its you all that make the club as good as it is. So come eat, drink and be merry and spend some time as I will with some lovely people.

The 17th December is your Christmas party night and then there are the New Years celebrations with Hot Space a band I understand has always gone down really well.

I look forward to seeing you all there. 

If I can help with anything at all please don’t hesitate to ask.

Past Secretaries

1911 – 1939 J.B. King
1939 – 1950 R.C. Webb
1950 – 1958 F. Teague
G. Dunnett
G. Walmsley
1969 – 1978 D. Williams
1978 – 1979 F. Kingham
1979 – 1981 E. Ellis
1981 – 1984 K. Lyon
1984 – 1996 H.S. Davey
1996 – 1998 M. Blinks
1998 – 2007 K. Trahair
2007 – 2012 P Clemo
2012 – 2016 A Mellor