St.Austell Golf Club is a challenge to all golfers of varying handicaps. View our picture gallery to see the challenging and picturesque golf holes.

To view the picture gallery either watch the image slideshow or mouse over the image and select the hole you would like to see.

  • 1st Hole
  • 2nd Hole
  • 3rdt Hole
  • 4tht Hole
  • 5tht Hole
  • 6tht Hole
  • 7th Hole
  • 8th Hole
  • 9th Hole
  • 10tht Hole
  • 11th Hole
  • 12th Hole
  • 13th Hole
  • 14th Hole
  • 15th Hole
  • 16th Hole
  • 17th Hole
  • 18th Hole