The St.Austell Golf Club Website will be seen by a huge number of Internet users locally, nationally and worldwide so it will be the perfect place to advertise your business with a small ad or even a complete web page!

We are monitoring the website using Google Analytics and find that we are getting between 100 – 150 views per day as of June 2014.

This creates a great opportunity to advertise on our site.

Our adverts will appear on most pages of the site both randomly and fixed depending on your choice. As you would expect the costs will vary depending on the size and position of your advert.

Generally, our random adverts are place in the right hand column with fixed adverts at the bottom of the page, but we will be flexible to meet with your exact requirements if we possible can.

Current costs for advertising are as follows: –

Random Advert £40 per year, Fixed Adverts £100 per year. A bargain considering the potential impressions and click through to your website. Fixed advertising on our Home Page can be discussed. We can create of your advert or you can supply your own as per the dimensions above.

We continue to work hard on our SEO to ensure that we are the number one golf website in Cornwall.

Advertising with us, if you are a local business, will get you seen by the hundreds of local visitors to our site.

Contact us if you need any further information…